Friday, July 23, 2010

No Spend Month: Day 23

Day 23:

Spent $12.11 at Walmart on shampoo, ant killer (because they are taking over the kitchen), milk, and ice cream (priorities, people, priorities).

No Spend Month Total: $235.51

  • We are in the home stretch! Yay!
  • $14.49 left...I think we can make it.
  • We have 7 bags of cooked chicken, 4 bags of cooked beef, a pork roast that needs to be cooked in the fridge, and we are still doing well on pantry items from our last grocery shopping trip.
  • Using sour cream instead of milk when making mashed potatoes can actually be a success.
  • Using heavy cream as a substitute for milk when making Jiffy cornbread makes the cornbread taste more like a desert. :)

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