Friday, July 16, 2010

No Spend Month: Day 16

Day 16:

Bryan spent $12.32 at Spencer's Coffeehouse on 1lb. of coffee
Bryan spent $0.50 on a coke at work
Stephanie spent $4.97 at McDonald's (this could technically count as non-paid work, since it was for the council, but I think we will be ok including it)

Total: $17.79

No Spend Month Total: $118.17

  • We ran out of propane tonight while trying to grill our dinner. Guess we will have to stick to cooking indoors until the month is over. I'm kind of sad about that because we grill a lot all year long.
  • I had to go to Hobby Lobby today to pay for some items for WKRC since I am the President and I could sign the checkbook. I couldn't believe that all the autumn stuff was already out and they were setting up the Christmas stuff!!! Ridiculous!!!
  • Bryan realized he doesn't like this whole spend month thing (I think because there is no ice cream or Popsicles in the house). :)

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