Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Flowers on Clearance

Do you know about the big huge clearance carts at the back of the Lowe's gardening center? A few weeks ago as I was picking up some mulch, I noticed a lot of plants that looked almost dead at the back of the gardening center. I noticed they all had these little yellow tags and they were super cheap. I am talking $0.25 cheap! I had seen these carts in the past, but I thought they were only used near the end of the gardening season. Well, I wised up asked about them yesterday. The clearance carts are used all summer long!!! When plants don't look so pretty anymore they get moved to the carts and their prices get reduced. Apparently people don't want to buy ugly plants. Imagine that! Most of these plants are not dead though. They just need a little bit more TLC. Water and fertilizer usually bring them back to looking great, if not better than the other plants they sell, within a few days. I took advantage of these discounted plants yesterday because it was time to cut back my pansies in hopes that they will return in late autumn or early winter. I found a big planter filled with petunias and two other types of flowers that had originally been $14.99 that was marked down to $3.00. I also bought four dahlia plants for $1.00. So for $4.24, I was able to fill my entire window planter box. If it had not been for the clearance racks, I wouldn't have been able to even buy one pack of petunias for that price. Now, you can't be choosy with the plants that you get because the selection on the carts vary. I happen to like that though. Not only are you buying inexpensive plants, rescuing plants that nobody else wants, but in many cases you are buying a surprise in the works. I have to say it could be my greatest frugal find this summer.

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