Thursday, April 17, 2014

{Gratitude} Lately

 Right now, my heart is about ready to burst from all the gratitude I feel. 
Our God is amazing! That is the only explanation.

Every day I look around in amazement at all the 
beautiful, yet simple, things that I'm so thankful for.
 Lately I've been grateful for...
huge, huge gifts and vintage, small gifts
 the joy a bike bell can bring to a little boy
carousel rides
 free spinning tops from a local store
a miraculous sale
a campfire nightlight
 a litter of Great Pyrenees puppies born two weeks ago 
and a sweet girl to call our own
for a friend that stops by and helps us discover (just in time!!!) a freezer full of meat that had been accidentally unplugged, for finding gluten free matzo at Kroger, and for this new adventure we're beginning and the smiles it brings to our whole family. We are so, so blessed!!!

Monday, April 14, 2014

{Keeping Bees} The Arrival!!!

We picked up our nuc of Italian bees last night around 7. We transferred 5 frames filled with thousands and thousands of bees into our hive wearing a head lamp and a holding a flashlight (along with all our bee protective gear). I've given birth to two boys and have sky dived out of an airplane, and handling bees ranks right up there with those things that are terrifying while also exhilarating. I've checked on the bees several times today. They are just so fascinating! We'll check inside the hive in a few days after this cool spell passes through to make sure things are going well. Signs from the outside indicate they are making a happy new home.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Chicken Introductions

I've caved. We weren't going to name our chickens (and Bryan still couldn't care less about chicken names). We resisted for nearly a year and a half, but then I named our favorite. Since our favorite had a name, Seth and I decided the rest needed to be named. Then when we kept two of the Ameracauna pullets that we bought at the auction (we sold the other 3), they needed a name, too. So I introduce you to...
Penny (our favorite and friendliest hen)
Buttercup 1 and Buttercup 2 (we cannot tell these two apart)
Whitey (Can you tell Seth named her?)
 and our newest additions...

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

{Keeping Bees} Assembly

Frames have been assembled and foundation has been added.
The smoker, gloves, and veils have arrived.
Supers have been painted.
Now we're just waiting for our bees. They arrive Sunday!!!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Auction, Auction!!!

Saturday we went to the 30th Annual Southern KY Horse Drawn Machinery Consignment Sale. All I really wanted at the auction was an Ameraucana chicken. We left with 5 Ameracauna pullets, a red metal toolbox, a beautiful vintage basket, and a couple of cast iron cornbread pans. We learned boots are essential, because the Toms that I wore might never be the same. We learned we should have put the sunscreen that we had in the car ON because maybe then we wouldn't resemble lobsters two days later. We also learned that if a wave exchange occurs among friends while standing in an auction ring, it might result in your friend purchasing a $15 hatchet. We had a blast! I'm already looking forward to next year's auction!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

March 2014 Learning Highlights

Our learning this month included lots of fun! 
Here's a look at just some of the things we did...
Silas has been working on shapes and colors this month. 
We've actually been working on colors for several months and it isn't going so great.
I'm almost convinced that the boy is color blind, but we'll keep at it.
Seth spent part of the month learning about badgers.
We read every book that the library had about badgers. 
When asked what his favorite was, he picked Honey, Honey, Lion! by Jan Brett.
 We celebrated Dr. Seuss for several days.
We made Cat in the Hat hats, read lots of Dr. Seuss books, and watched The Lorax.
Our co-op group met and we had all kinds of fun searching for Dr. Seuss items...
making Lorax masks...
enjoying Oobleck, and several other fun things.
On March 14th we celebrated Pi Day!
To celebrate Spring we made rainbows.
made egg shell gardens, learned about the butterfly life cycle, 
and learned about the parts of a flower.
 One other highlight was the addition of a Beginning Sounds Memory Game. Seth is so good at Memory, so I wanted to add a bit of a challenge. I drew a picture on a blank index card and the beginning sound on another card. I did this for the entire alphabet, but we only play with half of the alphabet at a time. So every time he turns a picture card over he has to specifically think about a beginning sound. 
It's fun and educational!
For the month of April, we're looking forward to 
learning/celebrating Arbor Day, Earth Week, Farm Animals, and BEES!