Thursday, July 1, 2010

No Spend Month: Day 1

The No Spend Month Challenge began today! I found out this morning that the creator of this challenge, Rachel, is actually not doing it this year. She and her family realized that after doing the challenge for three years that they have grown and shaped their budget to something that they are all pleased with now. So I was a little disappointed that I couldn't follow along with her, but I understand and I am anxious to see what we learn throughout the month.

Day 1: $0 spent

  • While meal planning today, I found some grits at the back of the cabinet that I was anxious to use for a meal. I knew they were up on the top shelf, but I didn't realize that they in fact had a "Best if Used By" date of October 10, 2008. Man, time flies. It seemed like I just used those grits. Luckily the can was almost empty anyway.
  • I didn't buy hot dog buns at the store on my last trip so I had to eat a bratwurst on a hamburger bun. This month could get interesting in the kitchen.

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