Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Dread of Being Away

Thursday evening I headed to Lexington, KY for a Kentucky Reading Association Leadership Workshop and Board meeting. It was my first time being away from Seth for not just one night but two and also two whole days. I had known about this meeting for a year, and I had already skipped out on the last two Board meetings that I was supposed to attend because I just didn't feel comfortable being away from Seth. For this meeting plus the workshop, we planned for Bryan to take off of work on Friday so that he could be with Seth and of course he took care of him the rest of the time, too. I knew they would be just fine. I was more worried about how I would deal with the separation. Leading up to the trip I was dreading it. I worried that Seth would run out of pumped milk or that he would be fussy the entire time that I was gone or he would do something incredibly cute that I would miss. I feared that I might break down and start crying when I had to say goodbye to that adorable baby boy, but when it was time to hit the road, I said my quick goodbyes and went on my way. No tears were shed and it remained that way for the entire time I was gone. Sure, I called a couple times a day, but I don't think the calls were excessive. I thought about both of my boys a lot, and even looked at some pictures often, but I was able to do the work I needed to do, and I think the boys had a great time together. While I don't look forward to any trips without my boys, I am glad to know that we can all survive no matter how much I dread being away.


  1. I am with you on not wanting to be away from your child. We are getting ready to leave Mikayla for two weeks as we travel to Africa. I am a mess of emotions! I am afraid I won't be tearless like you were though!

  2. Beth, I can not even imagine what I would be like if I had to be gone for two whole weeks!!!! I will be thinking about you.