Sunday, July 18, 2010

No Spend Month: 18

Day 18:

Spent $102.26 at Wal-mart stocking up on food for the rest of the month

Total: $102.26

No Spend Month Total: $223.40

  • I HATED walking through Wal-mart with my list and calculator adding every penny as I put an item into the cart. Bryan and Seth were with me which made things easier but I like being able to just buy what I need and not have to worry that much about the total.
  • Orange juice concentrate is way cheaper than orange juice already in a bottle.
  • We buy A LOT of things that are the Great Value brand (Wal-mart's brand). Some things I don't. I never realized how much cheaper the off brand cream of chicken and cream of mushroom soups are than the Campbell's brand. We bought some and we will see if they taste different.
  • We have $26.60 for the rest of the month which doesn't sound like much since we are only three days past the half way mark. I think we can make it though. We now have plenty of food. :)

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