Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 Favorite Snapshots

We take a lot of photos around here. So I thought it was only appropriate to show you some of my favorites from the year.












For 2012 I am going to try something similar to the 365 Project. I hope to take at least one photo everyday. So maybe this time next year I can share our year in the form of one frame a day.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

We had such a fun afternoon!
We had a Happy Birthday, Jesus party.
First, we read Happy Birthday, Jesus by Michelle Medlock Adams.
This book is great for little ones to see how we can celebrate Jesus' birthday.
Then just like in the book, we put on hats.
It's not a party unless you have a hat, at least that's what Seth thinks.

Silas really had more fun just staring at it.
Next, we decorated our birthday cake.
We made a heart in the middle of it, also like in the book.
Then we broke out the party blowers...
the streamers...
balloons and party poppers.
Next, we sang Happy Birthday and blew out Jesus' birthday candles.
Then we talked about giving Jesus gifts. We picked out several things from some of our favorite charities that we are going to give as our gift to Jesus. Seth picked out a soccer ball, a share of a llama, ducks, and a pig. We will also be giving a gift of water, garden seeds, and mosquito nets.
Then we gave each of the boys their gift from us. Our goal is to keep these gifts simple and preferably handmade. I bought Silas' sock monkey from a lady who makes adorable sock monkeys at the local farmers' market, but I made Seth's felt fishing pond, sock fish, and poles.

Merry Christmas
Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Christmas with Family

Thursday evening we headed down to Jackson to spend a couple days with family. Our families are so special to us and we love them dearly.
Here are a few of my favorite snapshots...

Tillery Tot School- Christmas Fun

Last week we had a little more Christmas fun.
Here's a peek at our very full bulletin board.
(Some of the crafts are from the previous week's learning time, from a Christmas party that we went to at a friend's house, and a MOPS story time.)

We made Christmas trees out of sugar cones, icing, and sprinkles.

We sang Jingle Bells and made a jingle bell bracelet.
We made a candy cane "J" with a baby Jesus.
We also ate candy canes!
We played with more nativity stamps.
We colored nativity paper ornaments.
We talked about Jesus being the light of the world and then we played with a string of lights.
Even Silas joined in on the fun.

It's been such a fun and meaningful Christmas season.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Learning Fun

Throughout the month, when we aren't doing Christmas crafts, Seth has been playing with a few favorite things. It just so happens that most of those things help him learn one skill or another.

Here's what he's been up to lately...

Working Puzzles
I am always on the lookout for puzzles at Consignment shops and thrift stores.
Usually I can find one or two for less than $1.00.
This is the newest one...
I also got a Melissa and Doug clock puzzle to use with a tutoring client that is having trouble telling time. Seth spotted it and wanted to give it a try.
I found a lacing card at Mighty Dollar recently.
Seth likes playing with it.
I found a little Color Wonder marker and paper set on clearance (similar to this one but designed for traveling) the other day. I have been interested in these mess free color wonder markers for a while but didn't know how well they would work. Seth was a little frustrated at first because the color doesn't appear instantly. You have to wait a second or two and then the color starts appearing, but once he learned how it worked, he was a big fan. I might even invest in a full size set.
Playing with Magnets
This is a Melissa and Doug animal set.
He likes to name all of the animals and he is just so cute doing it, too.
Then as I was cleaning out our Tot School basket, Seth found our color matching activity lying on his bed ready to be disassembled. I left the room for just a second and when I returned this is what I found. He had moved it to his table and had matched almost all of the sticks to the right color.
I'm so glad Seth thinks learning is fun!