Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Battle with Curtains

Why, oh why, did I pick that light blue color for the office when we first moved into this house? I have thought that so so many times and I know paint is an easy fix, but Bryan insisted that we leave it the color that I chose. So when it came to decorating the office, I was at a stand still. Our office became the home to our futon when the old guest room became Seth's room. We have black furniture, another choice I wish I had not made back in the day when I thought I liked more modern stuff and the trend was black when it came to furniture. The office was also the home to my sewing stuff and some crafty things.My vision was to make it a fun comfortable place where we could work on the computer, guests could stay, and a neat and organized place for the things we use often (like the sewing machine, tutoring stuff, and office supplies). I started hunting for curtains.
The curtains I had in the office were a tan. I didn't like them from day one, but they were expensive and I had already tried several other colors which I had already returned because they didn't work. So for three years I just dealt with the tan and the light blue and the black furniture. It doesn't sound too pleasing to the eye, does it? I know. Well then I decided, what I needed was maybe a quilt or blanket to bring some color to the room. I found an inexpensive quilt at Target. Then I added a vintage (by vintage, I mean I paid $10.00 for a piece of crap wooden box at a consignment store) chest that I had painted a sage green, an accent color in the quilt that I had purchased. I made two blue pillows, another accent color, added a plant and it worked for a little while. Those tan curtains just kept bothering me though.
So recently after reading about a friend's office dilemma, I was inspired to really find the perfect curtains. I knew they could either make or break the room. After a few weeks of scouring the internet, stores, and searching for fabric, I thought I had found the perfect fun, vibrant print to use for curtains. It was a funky floral design and Bryan ended up hating it. I made one skinny curtain panel and decided that it wasn't the right choice for the curtains. Maybe an accent fabric, but it shouldn't be used for the curtains. I loved the colors in the fabric, so I used them for inspiration. During a recent trip to Target, I was browsing the curtain isle, which I had already done several times already, and I thought maybe I would go with a gray for the curtains. Black, gray, light blue. It worked in my mind. But then I started doubting myself and thought, maybe that would look too drab. When I was about to lose all hope, I saw a beautiful $10.00 blue/teal pillow. It matched one of the colors of the accent fabric that I loved perfectly. So I completely changed gears and started looking for blue/teal colors. I found a $10.00 blue blanket. Then I saw some $7.00 white curtains. Why had I not thought of white before?? An hour or so later and $34.00 less in my wallet I had a start to a newly decorated office. More coming soon...

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