Thursday, July 15, 2010

10 Months Old

Today our little guy is 10 months old! Here are some fun details about our little man...

Seth has four teeth now with another one on the way very soon.
Seth's favorite foods are peas, graham crackers, blueberries, and strawberry/apple/prune puree.
Seth loves to put things in baskets and then remove them.He likes to put all the pillows in the floor in the living room and then lay on them as if he is taking a little break.He will crawl as fast as he can and then stop to see if you are chasing after him.
Seth loves to turn dials and play with remotes.
He loves books of all kinds and constantly tries to remove all the books from the bookshelf in the office.His favorite toys are his rubber duck, remote control, wooden rattle, and spoons.
Seth can walk along holding onto furniture.
He can say /a/, /b/, dada, and various other babble sounds.
He takes everything in when we are out and about and very rarely smiles or laughs during new situations.
Seth smacks his lips together as if he is trying to give you a kiss and will repeat it after you do it back to him. It is absolutely adorable.
He can point to objects (a development within the past couple of days).
Seth likes to offer us food and giggles when we eat something that he gives us.
He is growing like a weed and is incredibly adorable!

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