Friday, May 14, 2010


*It seems as if Bryan and I are always saying "Seth's first... and fill in the blank." We thought it would be fun to start a recurring firsts post. The funny thing is, sometimes we have new experiences and firsts of our own, so I thought I would try to include some of them, too.

**All of these have happened since the last "firsts" post.

Seth's Firsts:
  • going to a storm shelter
  • witnessing a flood
  • riding an escalator (daddy helped him stand up)
  • tried: spinach, beef, celery, rutabaga, potatoes, garlic, lentils, prunes, peaches, tomatoes, basil, and pasta in a pureed form and mixed with other ingredients
  • ate apple and pear slices, cheese, bananas, and baby puffs as finger foods
  • army crawling
  • going from his belly to a sitting position and can do it very well
  • can put a finger food in his mouth by himself
  • had baby garlic breath from the homemade food (so cute, but also kind of weird)
  • tried to stand up on his own
  • pulled up to a standing position on his crib
  • crawled across the living room floor
Stephanie's Firsts:
  • breastfeeding in semi-public (the storm shelter with 15 other people) under a blanket of course
  • witnessing a flood
  • going to a storm shelter
  • cooking and eating rutabaga (boy, those things are hard to chop or at least the one I had was)
  • was told that I had a "mommy" haircut
Bryan's Firsts:
  • shaving off all facial hair since he had grown a mustache and goatee
  • driving in a flood
  • asking for directions (during a flood) and not stopping for a second to contemplate having his wife go do it instead :)

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  1. i didn't realize Seth was pulling himself up! wow! and who told you that you had a mommy haircut?
    and the one that got me was when bryan went to ask directions himself without asking you to do it. that's sweet.