Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cherry Pickin'

Today we went cherry picking! Our trip to Jackson's Orchard was not a "let's go get some cute pictures at the local orchard and maybe get some cherries while we are there," it was more like "let's go pick some cherries during the hottest part of the day before they are all gone and we'll snap a few pictures here and there hoping to not capture the sweat and semi-grouchy state we all seemed to be in while there." So we didn't get any great pictures, but we did get some cherries. They only had sour cherries left and there weren't that many of them to be honest. But it was a fun "first" and one of the many trips we will make to Jackson's Orchard this year.

Seth sporting his sunglasses like daddy up in the cherry trees

Seth holding a cherry

When it comes to being outside, Seth is an observer and is very stoic.

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