Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Trip to Jackson, Part 4: Getting Back to BG in a Flood

*The final post highlighting the events of this past weekend, and boy, it was one crazy weekend!

Sunday's Highlights:
  • Left Jackson at 11:10 a.m. to head back to BG
  • Saw detour signs because of horrible flooding
  • Decided to take detour route sooner to bypass all the traffic
  • Drove for a while
  • Figured we had traveled past the detour area and headed to Interstate
  • Reached the Dickson exit and saw all traffic stopped
  • Stopped at a Shell station to figure out where we were going to go and to take a break for a few minutes
  • Came up with a plan to head south and try to make it past the Cumberland River
  • Saw an entire shopping center under water
  • Almost had a nervous breakdown from hectic traveling and a baby that had been crying for over an hour
  • Made our way back to a different Interstate exit and was directed to a different Shell station at the Kingston Springs exit
  • Discovered we could not get back to BG and were told to camp out at the Shell station for at least a day and a half
  • Developed a possible alternate route and exchanged numbers with some fellow stranded folks
  • Received a call from fellow stranded folks saying they made it north
  • Figured we should give it a shot
  • Saw lots of homes flooded
  • Drove and drove and drove and finally crossed over the Harpeth River and Cumberland River before it was completely covered with water (yay!)
  • Ran into another road closure but was able to take another alternate route
  • Drove some more
  • Reached I-65 which put us about 30 minutes from home
  • Pulled into the driveway 9 and 1/2 hours after leaving Jackson
The End

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