Monday, May 10, 2010

There are days...

I intentionally did not write about Mother's Day yesterday, because although it was my first official Mother's Day ever, I feel like every day as a mother is a blessing. Sure there are days that I would like to sleep late without any interruptions. There are days when I wish the dishes from making lots and lots of baby food would magically be clean. There are days when I wish the loads of laundry and diapers would not be piled high. It would be nice if every piece of clothing that I put on would not be stained or dirtied within a few minutes of wearing it. There are some days that it would be swell if I could sew, or read, or work in the garden without rushing to finish a task during a nap or before I go to bed. But those days are few and far between and even on those days I take one look at my little guy and everything becomes right in my little world.

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