Sunday, April 25, 2010


*It seems as if Bryan and I are always saying "Seth's first... and fill in the blank." We thought it would be fun to start a recurring firsts post. The funny thing is, sometimes we have new experiences and firsts of our own, so I thought I would try to include some of them, too.

Seth's Firsts:
  • Seth and I went to Kirby Babies at the local library for the first time two weeks ago. We sang songs, read three books, and learned a few rhymes before some play time with friends. Kirby Babies just happens to be during Seth's morning nap, but he was so good. He lasted until play time and then we had to call it quits. He did flirt with the girl next to him. He kept grinning at her and trying to get her attention. It was so cute.
  • Seth learned how to find an object under a blanket.
  • Played with bubbles
  • After the first push up, he has not stopped.
  • Seth has tried chicken, cod, leeks, onions, cinnamon, cheese, potatoes, and strawberries in pureed form.
  • Helping mommy and daddy turn off lights by flipping the switch. He recognizes light switches all over the house now.
  • Went to a pet store
  • Strolled around at the Farmer's Market
  • Can move from a sitting position to a crawling position

Stephanie's Firsts:
  • Made a lima bean wreath
  • Made some meat purees for Seth and they were surprisingly delicious.
  • Took Seth to Kirby Babies (Instead of meeting some other young mothers, which was really my motivation for going, I met several grandmothers who take care of their grandkids during the day.)

Bryan's Firsts:
  • He claims none (again). :(

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