Monday, October 31, 2011

Tillery Tot School- Numbers and Review Week(s)

For the last couple weeks we have been reviewing the letters S, E, T, and H as well as learning our numbers. (I forgot to take a picture of our Tot School Board before removing all the things this week.)
To help Seth learn his numbers we worked on our Magnatab. My brother got Seth this cool learning tool for his birthday. It just so happened that The Parent-Teacher Store here in BG sent me a birthday coupon and I was able to get the uppercase alphabet magnatab for half of the original price. We worked with it, too!
We played with a big foam dice (found at Mighty Dollar several years ago) for a while one day. Seth loved to throw it up over and over. He wasn't too interested in counting the dots but that's how it goes sometimes.
Seth has taken an interest in watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse lately so I picked up some Mickey Mouse number flashcards at the Dollar Tree recently. We practiced counting with them. I hid them around the house and then we would go find them and count to make sure we had numbers 1-5. We threw them up in the air and Seth would try to grab the number I would call out (that was very difficult for him). So we had lots of fun with this $1.00 set of flashcards.
My mom let us borrow this String Along Numbers book and we also read several other number books.
We even permanently added some foam numbers to our
Tot School board so that we could count them everyday.
Some of our fine motor activities included:
lacing using pipe insulating foam (similar to pool noodles) that I cut into pieces
and dropping water into a mini muffin tin using an old medicine dropper.
To review our letters we did some name activities. I made paper confetti and we traced over Seth's name with glue several times.
Then we sprinkled the entire paper with the confetti.
It was kind of messy but turned out cute. We used the mess to practice some sweeping.
We used our magnetic plastic letters.
We hunted for the S, E, T, and H and used them to spell his name.We also did some of the activities that we had previously done
here, here, here, and here.
So this week we are moving on to the Letter "I"!!

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