Thursday, November 3, 2011

Silas: 3 Months Old

Silas is 3 months old today! He is growing so fast these days. He is almost too big for his 0-3 month clothes and he took his first vitamin drop this evening. He is such a content little fella and he just smiles and smiles if you look at him. He is a great sleeper. He can sleep between five and six hours at night before waking up to eat.
He loves watching his big brother and is starting to show interest in toys.
He still loves to bounce in the bouncy chair, but has decided that he hates the swing. He also makes some pretty funny faces.
About a month ago we lost our only pacifier. Since Silas didn't take it very often, we just didn't replace it. He doesn't seem to mind. He is so laid back and easy going. We are so thankful that Silas is part of our family.
We love our sweet baby boy!

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