Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tillery Tot School- Letter S

A few months ago, I decided when Seth turned 2 I would start incorporating a few activities each day to help him learn his letters, numbers, shapes, etc. So this past week we started Tillery Tot School. Thanks to watching Word World (my opportunity to take a shower each day) Seth already knows about 22 letters of the alphabet, but we are focusing on one letter each week for next little while to help reinforce his knowledge of the letters and more specifically to learn each sound. While the majority of our day is filled with playing, I do feel like Seth is ready and eager to learn for small amounts of time throughout the day. With time, we might have a longer, more structured learning time in the mornings, but for now, we are doing a little bit of structured learning, doing a little playing, doing a little bit of structured learning, and so on. We have even waited to do a few things in the evenings so that Bryan can be included. This week we learned about the letter S because Seth's name starts with an S.

I thought it would be neat for Seth to see all of his work displayed each week so I took everything off of his bulletin board in his room and we added all of our "S" crafts to it throughout the week. We also included objects or animals that we found around the house that started with "S." Here is our board this week:We started learning about "S" by coloring an uppercase and lowercase "s." We attempted using our kid scissors to cut them out. We added them to our board first and used them all week as a reference to what letter we were learning about. We also tried to learn a Bible verse that started with "S." I printed it out and added it to our board. Seth repeated Matthew 6:33 (as best as he could and just the first part) each day.

"Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously,
and he will give you everything you need.
We sorted Skittles by color and we counted them.
We went on a letter hunt for the letter "S."
We painted strawberries using watercolors.
Seth decorated foam stars.
We made a plate of spaghetti using a paper plate, paper for the sauce, yarn for the noodles, and Styrofoam balls (because I didn't have any brown pom poms).
We ate spaghetti that same day for dinner.
We made spotted snakes.
We drove our cars over the letter "S" road. You can find the entire printable alphabet here. I am going to print each letter, put it in a plastic sleeve, and keep them in a binder so we can reuse them over and over.
We made juice box sailboats and watched them sail in the bathtub.
We played with spider stickers.
We made the sun using our hand prints for the rays.
We also read several books that started with "S."
Some other learning activities throughout the week included:
Color sorting wooden spoons (found at Mighty Dollar)
Identifying different fruits
(the fabric set came from IKEA and the plastic came from the dollar store)
Using tongs to pick up jacks and pom poms and placing them in a container
Playing with animal finger puppets
I think it was a fun week of learning!
This coming week we are going to be learning about the letter "E"!


  1. Wow, those are some great ideas! Looks like you both had fun. :). I may just have to steal some of your ideas. :)

  2. Boy you are a fun Mommy! LOL My Mom used to do neat things like that for me as well. It really means a lot. Some of my best memories from childhood are when Mom and I would "create" and learn together. Sethie is already a smart boy and now he is going to be even smarter! WOOHOO!

  3. Great ideas! Love the spaghetti craft!