Monday, October 3, 2011

Tillery Tot School- Letter E

This week we learned about the letter "E"! We are making our way through the letters in Seth's first name and then we will move on to the letters in our last name. After that we will learn the rest of the alphabet. It's a lot harder to find crafts and ideas for the letter E, but we still had lots of fun. Here is our letter board for the week:
Our Bible Verse
"Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord!" Psalm 150:6
focusing on the word everything)

To start off our week we stamped e's on our uppercase and lowercase "e" before we added it to our board.
Then we made elephants,...
eagles,...and an egg with a "e" chick inside.
I lucked up and found 13 out of the 26 My Sound Box books at Mighty Dollar a couple of weekends ago and the letter "e" was included in the ones that I bought. So we read it several times throughout the week. I also found a small plastic elephant in the Target dollar bin and I surprised Seth with it when we came to the page in our book that talked about an elephant.
We played with plastic eggs.
Then we made scrambled eggs.
Some of our other learning activities included:
Placing pom poms on numbers to practice color matching and 1:1 correspondence
Picking up pom poms with a small clothespinPumpkin Tweezing
(the pumpkins were found in the Target dollar bin and
they are supposed to be used for a vase filler)
Pouring pumpkins from one bowl to another
(This was difficult for Seth at first but after a few tries
he was pouring without spilling any pumpkins.)
Working Puzzles
(This specific puzzle belonged to my Memaw and Pepaw. I remember working it many times when we went to visit them. It is so cool to see Seth enjoying the same toys that I did as a child.)This week we will be learning all about the letter "T"!

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