Friday, July 8, 2011

The Nursery: Silas Style

We are one month away from the big day! I feel ready in a lot of ways but anxious and nervous about learning how to be a family of four. This past week I finished getting the nursery ready. I didn't change a whole lot, but it's different enough for me to feel satisfied that Silas is going to have his room decorated especially for him.
Here's a view from the doorway. The Pottery Barn Kids quilt (no longer available) was still the inspiration for the room. I changed out the blue curtains that were previously in the nursery for red ones. We also installed blackout shades in the windows when Seth had his days and nights reversed when he was a wee little one. They help the room stay extra dark even during day time naps. Since we moved the bookcase into Seth's big boy room, we purchased a small table to go by the glider rocker. Just by taking out that big piece of furniture, it made the small room feel a lot larger. The table has a shelf near the bottom and that is where we are going to be keeping books for Seth to read while I am nursing and for any family story times we do in the nursery, although those have mostly been moved into Seth's room.
When you enter the room, to the right is the bed which has a new striped sheet. On the wall I hung two puzzles by some ribbon. I like for art to be functional, so why not use puzzles for decor? I put a small dab of hot glue on each piece to make sure the pieces wouldn't fall off, but they can easily be used in the future by just snapping the pieces free.
I have been on the lookout for an abacus to hang in this spot, but just haven't found the perfect one yet so the puzzles will stay until I do.
For some odd reason I have never really wanted anything above the bed. So it remains free of any art or decor. We tried out a mobile with Seth but sold it on Craigslist after having it for just a few months.
In the changing area we have all of our cloth diapers in the blue baskets. Above the changing pad, we still have the frame with all of our favorite people for the kids to learn. This has really been helpful since Seth and (soon Silas) don't get to see our family members as often as we would like. We go over who everyone is every single day.
To the right of the frame, I painted two small canvases in hopes to put Silas' hand print and footprint on them the day he comes home from the hospital. That might be a bit ambitious, but we are going to try.
To make a special spot for Seth, we got a small rocker from a local consignment store especially for him. Bryan painted it a bright blue and he loves sitting in it already.
Above the glider rocker, the crayon shadowbox remains.
Silas' teddy bear that we made for him at Build-a-Bear is sitting in his crib for now.
I bought a small blue clock to sit on the table so that I can keep track of all those late night feedings. (Seth has the same clock in orange in his room.)
Then above the doorway, similar to Seth's, I wrapped chipboard letters with yarn to spell out Silas' name.
All the clothes are washed, sorted, and put away. The blankets and burp cloths are ready. Now all we need is one sweet, little baby to arrive. We hope he feels right at home in his "new" room.


  1. The room is beautiful! Can't wait to see pics of him!!

  2. Great room! You are so creative...I love it!

  3. wow, this is beautiful! I was looking at some of the other projects you've done... you're so creative! Your house is filled with so many beautiful things!