Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Best Baby Investments: 6 Months into Parenthood

Shortly after bringing Seth home from the hospital Bryan and I learned that there were a few things that were newborn essentials. As we are approaching the six month mark in our adventure in parenthood we came up with another list of some of the items that have made parenthood a whole lot easier. We also thought of some things that maybe weren't really needed as much as we thought. Here are some of the best baby investments and some of things that we haven't used so much, according to us.

Best Baby Investments:
The Boppy- We have to say this one again, because it's not only great for nursing, but can be used as a pillow on road trips :), and is nice to have as a support when the little one is just learning to sit up.

Cloth Diapers-We started using our cloth diapers when Seth was about a month old, because they were so incredibly big when he was first born. (IF we have another baby, we will buy a few X-Small to get us through the first month). Ever since we took the plunge into cloth diapering we have loved using them! We use FuzziBunz. They are super absorbant, easy to wash, and keep our baby boy rash free and comfy. More on cloth diapering coming soon.

Exersaucer- We started using ours at 3 and 1/2 months. We placed a towel around Seth to provide more support. Seth loves it! It does take up a lot of space, but since it is basically the only big baby toy/equipment that we have other than the swing we can overlook the size. (Bryan and I tend to be minimalistic when it comes to baby toys/equipment.)

Swing- Seth used to take all of his day time naps in the swing. Very wise investment!!!! It is not used quite so much now, but was a lifesaver in the beginning days of parenthood.

Gliding Rocker and Ottoman- So, so comfortable, that explains it all if you ask me.

Diaper Dude Diaper Bag- This bag is not cutesy or babyish and that is why we like it. We don't carry much at all when we are out and this bag is perfect for that.

Homemade Moby Wrap- Very inexpensive, easy to make, and a great way to do lots of things hands free while being close to your baby

Car Mirror- I lucked up and found our car mirror at a Consignment store for $3. We thought Seth's huge ear in the mirror was hilarious so we had to take a photo. :)

Hanging Elephant- I brought this little guy home from one of my trips to Wal-mart when Seth was just a week or two old. Bryan fussed and fussed that we didn't need to make a habit of buying a toy every time that we go to the store. I shrugged off what he said and put the little elephant on his baby carrier. Seth loved it from the second he laid eyes on it. It is still on his car seat to this day.

Diaper Genie- We primarily use the diaper genie (since it was given to us) for wipes. Because we use cloth diapers it takes a while to fill the diaper genie up with wipes, but because of it's design we don't have to worry about any smells from the dirty wipes as they accumulate.

Pajamas with Zippers- We love sleep sacks and pajamas with zippers. All those snaps are time consuming in the middle of the night. Zippers are great!

Space Saving Booster Seat- Forget the high chair, this seat saves space and straps into a regular chair. We didn't buy or receive a high chair before Seth was born so when it came time to purchase a high chair we opted for this space saving solution. We absolutely love it! It is great for traveling, the tray is dishwasher safe, and it can transform into a booster seat when Seth gets older.

Winter Hat- Bryan picked this hat out for Seth and I didn't want to buy it because it was $8. I have a hard time paying for anything new when it comes to babies, because they grow out of things so fast, but we bought it and we have used it all winter long.

Not Often Used (by us) Baby Investments:

The Bumbo- It was nice during that short stage where Seth didn't just lay around anymore but wasn't ready to sit up, or when Bryan is watching Seth while I am tutoring and they want to swing. :)

Diaper Rash Creams- See cloth diapers above

Tiny Love Classic Mobile
- I thought Seth would love this mobile. I bought it after he was born because he loved the ceiling fan. So I found this mobile that spins, plays music, and has the black and white images included above the hanging animals. He was interested in it for a while but we really could have done without it. You live and learn.

Car Seat Toy Bar- We received a big bag of used clothes and baby accessories before Seth was born and this toy bar was included in that bag. We thought we would love using it, but the elephant mentioned above worked out much better.

Fridge to Go- Sometimes it is just easier to breastfeed Seth in the car or in a private area instead of pumping. We thought we were going to use this bottle cooler more than we actually have.

Tummy Time Mat- A blanket works just as well.

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