Thursday, April 21, 2011

Seth's Big Boy Bedroom

Seth's new bedroom is finally complete! I have to say I think it is my most favorite room in the whole house. Here's the new big boy bedroom:

The headboard was found by my mom at a Consignment store for $10.00. The bedding and planet mobile (which is no longer available) came from Pottery Barn Kids. The bedding in my opinion was pricey, but hopefully since it is high quality and not babyish it will last for a long time. The light blue sheets, navy bedskirt, and navy curtains came from Target.
Here's what the bed usually looks like, but it's so nice to be able to easily hide the bed rails.
On one side of the bedroom, Seth has a new craft area. The table came from Essex and was actually a console table that we cut down. After some bargaining we were able to get the table half off for only $34.99. I love that it is not a typical children's craft table.
We can raise the leaves and it becomes longer for more work space.
The chairs came from IKEA for $12.99 a piece.
Above the table is a bulletin board that I had in every one of my classrooms. I always painted the cork every year and added a different ribbon to the edge. It is such an easy way to add a pop of color to a space. We have been putting all of our crafts from Toddler Time at the library on it with gigantic sized thumb tacks that I found at the dollar store.
Right below the bulletin board (and high enough that Seth cannot easily reach these) are four metal buckets full of all WASHABLE art supplies. The buckets came from the Target dollar bin and they are hung using Command hooks. The buckets hold washable watercolors, paintbrushes, crayons, preschool scissors, and washable glue.
Sitting on the craft table is a craft paper roll and holder from IKEA. The foam puzzle originally came from Pottery Barn Kids but I bought it still in the unopened package for a dollar at a local consignment sale.
On the smallest wall in the room is the bookshelf from the nursery. It holds the fish tank, a lamp, clock, and picture of Seth's 3-D ultrasound. Above the bookshelf is one of my favorite pieces in the room. It is an alphabet poster that I found on Etsy. I am in love with it!
Next to the closet door is the magnetic dry erase board that used to be hanging in the nursery. We hung it low so that it could be even more functional. If you know me at all, you know that all I love for decor to be functional. Next to the magnetic board is a basket that holds some blocks and a few small toys.
Above one of the doorways, I sat some chipboard letters that spelled out Seth's name. I modge podged them with coordinating paper for fun and instantly Seth loved pointing to his name.
So here's a look at the entire room
(standing from the doorway leading to the living room)
(standing from the doorway leading to the hallway)(standing by the closet door)
It's been super fun to decorate Seth's new room.
I hope he enjoys his big boy bedroom for many years to come!

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  1. You are so creative. I think my favorite thing is the planet mobile but I love the bedding as well. Actually I love Seth's name above to door too. It is a great room with everything in it that he needs to learn and play. Great job Stephanie!!!