Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day and Night Reversal

My suspicions were correct. I had a hunch that when Seth was still in the womb that he had his days and nights switched. I could feel him moving all night long and he tended to be pretty still during the day. This has apparently carried over to life outside the womb. He sleeps all day. He wakes to eat and he stays awake for a few brief minutes at a time. He is absolutely wonderful and content. When Bryan and I tend to like to sleep though, he chooses to be fussy and not so content. How can you be upset with someone so cute though?
Bryan can sleep through all the crying and so luckily he hasn't lost any sleep yet, because he has to go to work each day. I, however, have only gotten a few minutes here and a few minutes there during the night. It's not a huge deal right now though because my mom is visiting for the week and she kindly listens out for him for the good part of the mornings while I catch up on some much needed sleep.
I read somewhere that to fix this reversal problem, you need to make sure the surroundings are clear for the day and the night. I have almost every light on in the house along with all the window coverings open to make it apparent that it is day time. I have been trying to talk to Seth during all our feedings and he has even been spending some time of his napping time in his bouncer chair. Tonight my plan is to make sure to be keep the lights low while feeding and I am going to be very quiet in hopes that he will soon be able to realize that day is day and night is night. We'll see how long this learning process takes...

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  1. I think the hardest part of it all was getting used to the initial lack of sleep. But trust, it will get better!