Monday, July 18, 2011

35.5 Weeks, Three Weeks to Go

I just can't believe that we are three weeks away from having another baby. I go from thinking one minute that I have everything ready to the next running around wondering what I still need to do. My nesting urges have helped us successfully clear out a lot of stuff from the basement and it is looking more and more organized each day. The other day when I had some very painful contractions, which thankfully stopped since I have been taking it very easy lately, I just kept thinking, I can't leave the house with dirty dishes in the sink if I have to go to the hospital. So my mission each day has been to have the house in decent looking shape in case little Silas decides to come before the planned c-section. I still don't have a bag packed and we aren't pre-registering at the hospital until Thursday, but at least the drain on the bathtub has been cleaned (an urge that hit me yesterday).
One of the things on my recent to-do list was to take some pregnancy photos since this will be my last pregnancy, and I really had not documented the growth of my belly very well this time around. So after two evenings of sweltering heat, we came up with a few photos...
35.5 Weeks

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