Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Revealing "Little's" Gender

Today was the big day! We found out Little's gender. Not that it really mattered one way or the other, but we were anxious to find out so that we could know how to plan in the coming months. I had been thinking during the whole pregnancy that Little was a girl because I have felt so different this time around. Turns out my motherly intuition was completely wrong and more than likely thrown off by some of the MS symptoms, because we are having a BOY!
We learned that Little is measuring about 20 weeks and 1 day putting a new due date around Aug. 23. Not that it really matters too much either since the delivery will be scheduled about 10 days before that, but everybody always asks about a due date. We weren't able to get one of those cute profile pics today so we will have to go back in a couple of weeks to try to get one. So until then we are left with a somewhat freaky, but I still think cute, picture of a face skeleton.
Before we could reveal the news to everyone we had to have a small REVEAL party at our fellowship group tonight. Our friend Julie mentioned having a Reveal party a couple of weeks ago and so we baked a cake to reveal the gender just for her.
Since Bryan and I already knew the gender (because it wasn't like a typical reveal party where the parents find out too), we let her do the honors of cutting into the cake.
She was so excited and that made us even more excited!
We are so blessed and can't wait for our "little" baby BOY to make his debut!

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