Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday 2011

We have been learning about the resurrection and reading different Easter books during our family story time before bed all week long (more on all that soon). With today being Good Friday, we decided to do a few things to remember the ultimate sacrifice that our Jesus made for all of us. First we made a Potato Tomb Landscape, an idea I got from a blog called Impress Your Kids.
Seth filled our dish with dirt.
Align CenterThen we cut into a potato to make an opening in our "tomb."
Align CenterWe added rocks, twigs to make a cross, and some greenery for some trees. Seth was not interested in taking a picture with me or the tomb, but that's what happens with a 19 month old.
Here is our Potato Tomb Landscape:
Then after naptime, we did some watercolor painting. I drew three crosses on a hill with a sharpie marker and let him have at it. He did pretty good with his first time using watercolor paints.

Tonight we went to an Agape Dinner and Good Friday Service at church. It was nice end to a very special day.

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