Friday, March 12, 2010

Lo and Behold, Spring is on its Way!

"Lo and behold, I have some seeds sprouting!" That's literally what I said out loud when I walked over to check on my seeds this afternoon. Why in the world I said lo and behold I am not sure, and why I am bothering to share the fact that I said it is even stranger.
You see, this week I did a little bit of planting. First, I started my seeds for my vegetable garden. I am using two of those greenhouses that you can buy for starting seeds indoors. I already have some broccoli coming up. I was so excited!

Yesterday, Seth and I stopped by Lowe's to pick up a piece of wood for an upcoming project, and I spotted the pansies in the gardening department from the car. I have been waiting and waiting for the pansies to appear. We got enough to fill the window box and the two planters that I have next to our front door. It was a nice way to brighten up such a dreary day.

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