Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Benefits of Organic Food – A Taste Test

By Bryan

Stephanie and I have been discussing the benefits of “organic” food lately. One benefit of organic food is that, in general, it tastes better. So when I noticed that Stephanie had purchased some organic milk, I thought we could put taste to the test.

The candidates: Horizon Organic's “Organic Fat-Free Milk” and Market Pantry's (Target Brand) “Fat-Free Skim Milk” (why they needed to say fat-free and skim I don't know). At this point I will say that I think the idea of organic skim milk seems like an oxymoron. Shouldn't organic milk always be whole (natural), but that's just me.

The set-up: I poured equal amounts of each type of milk into identical glasses. Stephanie was to choose which glass contained the organic milk based only on the look and smell of the milk. Next, Stephanie was blindfolded and handed each glass (she didn't know which one first) to take a sip. Once she sampled each one, she asked for another sip of both.

The result: Based on the look and smell, she chose the non-organic. I will say that they looked and smelled very similar. But then there was the taste. Which one did she think had better taste? The non-organic. Needless to say she was VERY surprised. There is one more funny thing to add. When she first bought the Target milk, she commented that it didn't taste as good as the Wal-Mart milk that we usually buy.

Now obviously this taste test doesn't apply to all organic food or even all organic milk, but it really opened our eyes about buying the best tasting food and taught us lesson about having an open mind.

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