Monday, December 31, 2012

A Frame A Day 2012

I almost can’t believe I did it! I decided last year about this time that I wanted to try taking one photo every day of the year. I already loved photography and knew this would be a perfect way to improve my amateur skills. To hold myself accountable, when I would nightly add the photos that Bryan and I had taken to our computer, I would also pick and post one as the frame of the day in the sidebar of this blog. (Bryan did take a few of these, because sometimes his photos are just downright better than mine. My brother also took the few family shots we have.)
After just a couple months in, I realized how this project was truly documenting our life and each and every photo brings back a memory. There were nights when I would just go back and look at what happened over the course of the year. You can see how the boys have grown, the changes we’ve made especially with food, the learning that took place in our home, and so much more. I think my photography did actually improve, too. Of course, there were some days when I would just snap a picture, but most days I would really try to take a photo that captured something from that day. I was the crazy person that carried the camera everywhere this year. There were days when I would forget to grab the camera as we were heading out the door and I would have to go back and get it. There were other days when I would intentionally leave the camera at home because it was big and bulky and at the end of the day I would wish that I had brought it. I could have never imagined how precious this project would end up being and how much I have enjoyed it. Now as we enter another year, I’m confident that the photos won’t stop. If I put the camera down now I know I will regret it, because this was one new year’s resolution that turned out to be just priceless.
Here’s a look at our year in a frame-a-day...


  1. This is wonderful, Stephanie! You always take such lovely pictures!

    A blogger that I follow did one Instagram picture each day this past year for something she was thankful for. I am planning to do the same thing. I hope it turns out half as lovely as yours!

    1. Catherine, thank you! I can't wait to see all your photos!