Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Story Time at the Smiths Grove Library

This morning we went to Smiths Grove for a play date with friends and story time at the library. The Smiths Grove Branch of the library is just wonderful. If we lived just a little bit closer we would go there every single week. But going there every so often makes it even more special when we do get to go.
 Every library should have a tree house. 
The Smiths Grove Library does and the kids love it!
We listened to Peas on Earth...
 and then a pretend diner was set up for all the kids to enjoy. 
Never have I seen such creativity and thoughtfulness at a library and
 this happens all the time at the Smiths Grove branch.
All of the kids got hats and aprons.
 They had little notepads and pencils to take orders. 
There were menus...
  and pretend food/cookware. 
The kids got to take all of the parents' orders then pretend to 
cook and serve it up. It was the most precious thing!
 Silas even joined in on the pretend playing by sipping some pretend tea. 
No detail about the diner experience was overlooked. 
 The parents even got to pay the kids for our meals.
 After the kids played until their hearts were content,
 we headed to a local park for a picnic.
 It was simply a splendid morning!

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