Friday, November 18, 2011

A New Fall Wreath

I started making a fallish inspired wreath for my door several weeks ago during a late night crafting session with a friend. I have actually made a few wreaths in the last couple of years, but none that are wrapped in yarn. I was excited to try something new. So when the idea of using plumbing insulating foam as a wreath form started floating all around Pinterest, I thought it would be the perfect use for my frugal new wreath. I picked up my foam from Lowes, duct taped it together just like the instructions said to do, but then noticed it was in the shape of a tear drop instead of a perfectly round circle. I re-taped it several times, but it still had a slight bump where the two ends of the plumbing tube connected. I should have stopped there and just waited to buy a wreath form, but being the impatient person that I am when it comes to craft projects (and several other things) I went ahead and started wrapping my form with the golden yellow yarn that I chose. Thinking it might straighten out the lump once the yarn was on it was an idiotic thought, but I kept going with it. Lots of fun conversation and two and a half hours later of wrapping, the wreath still looked like a teardrop. So I didn't have anything to show for our late night craft session except for a misshapen yarn wrapped wreath.
The next day, determined to start over, I went to buy a straw wreath form like the original instructions had used. Everywhere I went, the store was sold out of them. So seeing this as another lesson in patience, I decided to wait. Another week passed and I finally found a new wreath form. Time slipped by and I would casually wrap the wreath with yarn if I had any extra time during the day. I took it with me on our most recent trip to Jackson and finally finished the wrapping, but I still needed to make my felt flowers and attach them.
Two days ago I realized that Thanksgiving is NEXT week! My first thought was not about gratitude, great food, traveling, or any of the typical things a person might think about. It was about my wreath. I HAD TO FINISH IT BECAUSE I ONLY HAD ONE WEEK TO ENJOY IT ON MY FRONT DOOR! So during nap time (thankfully both boys were asleep at the same time), I finished my wreath and placed it on the door. I absolutely love the yellow pop it gives our front door and maybe, just maybe next fall I can enjoy it a little longer.

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