Friday, November 4, 2011

Thanksgiving/OCC Packaging Party

Our friends Lara and Lylah invited us to join them for a Thanksgiving Celebration today. We had so much fun making crafts, eating special treats, and spending time with friends. Here are some of the highlights from the party.
First, we made these adorable turkey hats.
Aren't these kids just so adorable?
Next, we ate our Thanksgiving themed snacks.
We had turkey cookies, pumpkin muffins,
fruit cornucopias, and...Align Centerpopcorn that was inside a paper bag turkey!
Lara made this paper bag turkey using one large paper bag and two lunch sized paper bags for the legs. She cut it open to reveal the popcorn surprise inside.
One reason we had our Thanksgiving party so early in the month was because of Operation Christmas Child. We decided it would be fun to incorporate a packaging party into the festivities since the collection week starts the 14th. So just like previous years, we filled our boxes with lots of goodies. (We will do a few more things with our boxes as a family in the next few days and then drop off our boxes.)Next up was a "Find the Feathers" game. The kids covered their eyes and then went to find feathers hidden in another room. They thought this was so fun!
Then we made Mayflower boats.
These are our new friends Emily and Bella.
Bella is Lylah's cousin and she is just adorable.Our last craft of the day was finger painting Indian corn. It was such a fun morning. We love parties and can't wait until the next one!

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