Monday, June 28, 2010

Good Food and Pretty Flowers

Along with spending some good ole quality time with my mom this past weekend, we enjoyed some tasty local foods. Saturday morning I ate the best tasting stuffed french toast ever (and I have even had Lynn's Paradise Cafe french toast). At our local farmer's market, a family has a tent set up where they serve your choice of either pancakes or stuffed french toast covered with your choice of blueberries or cherries. I opted for the cherry covered french toast and my mom had the pancakes which came with the most delicious sausage. You better believe I will be going back every Saturday that I can from now until the end of the farmer's market season to eat breakfast. It was so good and so affordable!
The booth next to the food making station is run by the same family and they sell all kinds of baked goods, breads, and dairy products. I guess I am a sucker for milk, because this week I picked up some local milk. Maybe we should do another taste test. It is the first milk that I have ever had that is non-homogenized so you have to shake it up before you drink it. I think it is just marvelous tasting and I think the glass bottle is super cool.When I go to the farmer's market I carry a small amount of cash from what I have made from tutoring the week before. I usually run out of money before I have bought all that I would like to and I always have to remind myself that fresh food is more important than fresh flowers. Every week the two booths that sell fresh cut flowers beckon me to them. Those flowers are so beautiful, but I have never had enough cash left to buy any. This week though, thanks in part to my own bountiful garden, I had enough to buy a $5.00 bouquet of beautiful flowers. It was such a delightful treat!Since we were on a roll with trying new things and treating ourselves, we stopped by a new chocolate shop that has opened near our house. It's called Mary Jane's Chocolates. The shop itself was absolutely darling and all the treats looked delicious. We were each just going to get a chocolate covered strawberry but we ended up getting a box of samples and we split each piece into three different parts so that my mom, Bryan, and I could try each piece. We tried a peanut butter melt, chocolate covered blueberries, dark chocolate haystacks, a white chocolate strawberry cornflake treat, and a few others. The chocolate covered grapes, yes grapes, and the chocolate covered strawberries were my favorite.
So with good food in our bellies and pretty flowers adorning my table and of course a little bit of shopping thrown in between all the eating, I have to say it was a fantastic day.

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