Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend Fun

This past weekend we made our way back to Jackson again and thankfully there were no floods in the forecast. A friend of mine, that happened to be a server at my wedding, was getting married and I wanted to be there for her special day. Bryan kept Seth all day Saturday with his Granna and Papa while my mom and I spent the day shopping, going to the wedding,and eating at a dainty, kind of girly restaurant. We had so much fun! It was actually my first day where I was away for the ENTIRE day from Seth. We all survived just fine and it made me feel a little better about my upcoming two and half days that I am going to have to be away from Seth in July. Here are a few pics from the visit:
Mom and Me
Uncle Michael and SethGranna and Seth
Nana loving on Seth
Pop and Seth (my favorite)
and finally an updated family photo. Yay!

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