Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekend Highlights

Friday night I finished my first crocheted piece where I actually followed a pattern. I read and understood all the abbreviations and directions and ended up with this loose cowl, or neck warmer. It is super comfy and I think I like it more than the scarves I have been making lately.

Saturday, Nana and Pop came to visit. We are trying to see Nana and Pop at least once a month and even that seems too little, but we make the best out of the time we can be together.

Nana and Pop brought Seth a crinkly Baby Einstein book which he absolutely loves. Seth loves to read. We can sit and read several books at a time without him losing interest. I love it and he seems to love it! Seth has been playing with this book all day today. He loves the crinkly sound that it makes, but I think more than anything he loves that he can gnaw on it.

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