Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cooking Meat Like Crazy

Just so you know, I have been cooking meat like crazy. Yesterday and today, I utilized the crock pot. Man, I love the crockpot. What a great invention! Oh, and those Reynolds crock pot liners, they are amazing!
I cooked a pork loin roast which has been shredded, divided and frozen for three future meals. Today, during Seth's long nap and amongst my cleaning the house and preparing for tutoring I cooked a huge amount of ground beef. Again I divided the meat into three bags, I kept one pound raw for a future meatloaf, and I kept some out for our beef enchiladas tonight. Once all that meat was put away I shredded the roast I had in the crock pot for three future meals. So I prepared meat for ten different meals in the past two days. Before our trip to Jackson tomorrow, I will be rolling out meatballs for four different meals and dividing up some hamburger patties. All of this meat will remain uncooked but it will be ready for a quick thaw and easy cooking. I think it's been a pretty successful week in the kitchen.

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