Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Farm School

Farm School is an informal "class" held on Tuesday mornings at the Need More Acres farm. Our boys have an opportunity to learn about locally grown foods and the farm through hands-on experiences. Tending plants, harvesting produce, feeding chickens and preparing nutritious snacks are just some of the activities provided each week. 
Bryan's taking care of the boys this week, while I am teaching for the Kentucky Reading Project, and he had the opportunity to take the boys to Farm School. 
Here's a glimpse at their morning:
  tiny tomatoes
 making salsa
 visiting the chickens
 petting the rabbit
I was sad to miss, but the boys had a great time! 

(Bryan forgot the camera. 
He knew I would be one very unhappy mommy without pictures, 
so he took all of these photos with his phone just for me.)

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