Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Diverse Flock

When I last mentioned the chickens, our Black Australorps had just arrived from the post office and we discovered the hatchery left out the Easter Egger that we had ordered. Because the hatchery had made an error, they agreed to send 3 more chicks with free shipping the next week. Several of the breeds that I wanted were not available for immediate shipment, so I decided on a White Rock (which will be white), a Golden Buff, and a Rhode Island Red. I was assured by the hatchery's customer service representative that all of these would be good with children and would be good layers. So I was happy and it makes for a diverse flock.
Our chicks arrived one week after our Australorps.
 All five of the smaller chicks are still in the brooder box.
 We take them outside almost every day though to peck around in the yard. We have been letting the smaller chicks spend some time in close proximity to our two older girls outside. We're hoping this helps with the transition in pecking order.
Once they are all outside, we are hoping that we can keep all of our girls safe.

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