Monday, March 26, 2012

Tillery Tot School- Spring

Since the first day of Spring was last Tuesday, I decided to spend the entire week doing some fun Spring related crafts and activities with Seth. After our Spring celebration, I brought out a Spring sensory bin. Inside I placed a small nest with two pom pom birds, some tiny pots, lots of artificial flowers, some gardening tools, and some garden gloves.
 Seth loved it!
 On one of the not so Spring-like days, we still went outside and blew some bubbles.
 Nana and Pop happened to be visiting and we had lots of fun.
 One day we made a bird's nest outside using some shredded paper, 
half of a paper plate, and a pom pom bird.

 We also played with some foam flower stickers.
 We made flowers using our fingerprints.
 Then to change things up a bit with the sensory bin, we took it outside and played with it along with a container of potting soil. We filled it with flowers.
 Then we practiced scooping and pouring.
We've had lots of fun! 
This week we move on to the letter "J."

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