Friday, February 3, 2012

Silas: 6 Months Old

Today our sweet Silas is 6 months old! He brings so much joy to our lives. He is our happy, smiley boy. He still absolutely adores books. His favorite toys are his red ball and his giraffe. He has decided that eating cereal isn't so bad after all. He can roll over in both directions and he will immediately roll off of his belly. He HATES being on his belly. He is so close to being able to sit up all by himself. He can stay upright for a few seconds at a time and then tumbles over. He loves being in the exersaucer and he still loves his bouncy chair although he has almost outgrown it. Silas will sleep most nights for about 8 hours before waking up to eat. He likes to be put in his crib and he falls asleep within a couple of minutes usually. If we try to hold him when he is sleepy he will cry and cry. Other than when he is hungry or super sleepy, he stays mostly content. His happy spirit is contagious. We are so thankful that he is part of our family.

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  1. These are such great ideas. I promise if I lived closer I would have to enroll in tot school myself. Me & the girls would love it. hah