Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tillery Tot School- Letter Y

This week we learned about the letter "Y"! We focused on a few words in particular this week like yarn and yak since there aren't a lot of words that start with "Y". We also did lots of activities that involved the color yellow.
Here's a look at our Tot Board:
We started the week off by using our yellow paint pen to fill in our uppercase and lowercase 'Y." We really focused on staying inside the letter and Seth did amazingly well since he usually just likes to scribble all over it.
We made a yellow collage with some stickers and art supplies.
We played with yellow Playdough and even got to use our "Y" cookie cutter.
We looked online at some pictures of yaks. We watched this video and then we made two different yaks using printouts and a toilet paper tube.
While we were playing with shaving cream we practiced making the letter "Y."
We made a yarn covered "Y."
We also went on a yellow hunt using these items.
I hid them around the living room and Seth had to find them... and put them in his yellow bag. We did this several times and he kept begging for more.

Throughout the week we also practiced lacing with these Melissa and Doug lacing cards we received from Granna and Papa.
We practiced 1:1 correspondence by using our large dice and placing the candy on the dots. After he counted the candy he got to eat it.
Here's a video of Seth in action.
We also did some letter hammering by using an egg carton and a small hammer. I just wrote the letters we have learned so far on the bottom and Seth got to pound the letters when I called them out.
When we were done hammering Seth asked for the dropper. I didn't know what in the world he was talking about at first until he told me he wanted to put "water inside." So we got out the eye dropper and a small bowlful of water and we practiced some fine motor skills by transferring water back and forth.
Now that we've made it through all the letters in Seth's first and last name we are going to make our way through the rest of the alphabet. So this week we will start at the beginning and focus on the letter "A." It should be lots of fun!

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