Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Medical Center 10K 2012

Today Bryan ran in the Medical Center 10K Classic. Since this is pretty much a yearly thing, we knew we needed to arrive early and secure a parking spot before all the streets were closed for the race.
We also made sure to bundle up for a very cool morning routing for daddy.
Bryan did all of his pre-race stuff...putting on the race number, stretching, and jogging around to get warmed up.
Seth thought he needed to stretch, too.

Then they were off!
(Bryan's right in the middle wearing red.)
 As soon as they were out of sight, the boys and I headed across campus to the finish line inside WKU's football stadium. We weren't in the stadium long before the first two runners crossed the finish line. They were so fast and it was a close race.
 A few minutes later Bryan crossed the finish line with a time of 48:05.
 It just happened to be his fastest 10K! Yay!

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