Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Statuses Never Posted

Apparently the statuses were a big hit. Here's a few more...

  • I noticed Express was going to be a new store in our mall. My first thought...oooh there will be a lot more Express stuff at the consignment stores!
  • I love having chickens!
  • Tonight, the little girl that I tutor brought me an early Christmas present. It was a Yankee candle called “Farmers’ Market.” She knows me well.
  • Sometimes it’s so hard to just pick one “frame a day.”
  • Next year we are going to have to buy/grow way more blueberries than we did this year. We thought we bought a ton, but we have already depleted our frozen stash. :-(
  • Lately, on my long runs, I’ve been running past my eye clinic and the hospital where I sat for hours getting IV steroid treatments for my optic neuritis. I never dreamed I would be doing what I’m doing today when I was going through all of that. I am proud to say I have not been defeated!  
  • I love MOPs night!
  • So thankful for all those years watching the Food Network. When my Paleo apple pancakes wouldn’t flip, I just poured all the batter in the skillet and baked it in the oven. It was delicious!

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