Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cooking with Nana

My mom, also known as Nana, is a preschool teacher. She is wonderful with kids and I am constantly asking her for advice on things to do with Seth and Silas. Currently, she is going back to school to become a certified Child Development Associate. For one of her classes, she had to plan and complete a cooking lesson. Here's a look at all the fun we had helping her with her assignment!
Bryan, the boys, and Nana headed to the Farmers' Market to pick out some vegetables, because they were going to make vegetable soup.
  Seth and Nana identified different vegetables
 and did some matching.
 They read Growing Vegetable Soup by Lois Elhert. It's a story that walks you through the planting, gardening, and growing of seeds into vegetables.
 It was such an appropriate book to read, because they got to harvest some of the first kale, swiss chard, and spinach leaves from the fall garden for the soup.
 They washed all the vegetables.
 Then they started dicing. Seth used a butter knife and Silas used a small kiddie knife.
Seth insisted on cutting into the onion. Then the tears started flowing. Nana was using his hat to fan his face to help dry up the tears.  It was hilarious!
Then they did some counting of all the vegetable pieces.
 We stepped in and cut the rest of the vegetables, 
 but the boys helped put everything in the pot.
 After they added some water and seasonings...
 they stirred and stirred.
 A little while later, the vegetable soup was ready to eat!

Good food, lots of learning, and a fun time...
 I think it was an excellent lesson!

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