Monday, May 13, 2013

Preschool at Home: Week 15

Last week we learned about the letters "O" and "P." (We're focusing on two letters a week until we finish the alphabet.) We also practiced counting up to 30, we learned "This Old Man" and we read the story of the Three Little Pigs. We also practiced singing the color song that we are learning in the Spanish class we have been attending at the local library. Here's a look at our board:
New this week, we practiced identifying beginning sounds. We focused on three sounds and Seth would place the object next to the beginning sound he heard. We practiced identifying the /O/, /P/, and /D/ sounds with the following plastic toys: octopus, dog, ostrich, dolphin, and pig.
 We made a pig.
We played with our Melissa and Doug pizza.
We made an owl.
We read a lot of books each week. We actually read so many that there is no way that I could keep up with them all, but one interesting one that emphasized P was Roly Poly Pangolin. A pangolin is not an animal that I generally think of for the letter P, so I'm glad we read it.
 We read about the three little pigs. 
Seth already knew this story but enjoyed listening to it several times this week.
 This little book came with a CD and we listened to the story on the computer 
and Seth was able to play a few related games.
We made a craft where Seth put "straw," "sticks," and "bricks" on three houses.
We also learned "This Old Man."
We also read about the events leading up to the ascension of Christ in our children's Bible. On Thursday, we celebrated the ascension (which is calculated by counting 40 days after Easter) during our nightly family time. Next year we hope to add to this family celebration more. 

This week we will learn about the letters "Q" and "R" as well as some other things.

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