Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Visit to Jennings Hollow Farm

After a morning of strawberry pickin', we headed to Monticello, KY to Jennings Hollow Farm. I found out about Jennings Hollow Farm from the Sustainable Kentucky website and was excited to learn the Community Farm Alliance was having a field day. We aren't farmers (yet) and happened to be one of the few families that attended that weren't, but we try to take every opportunity to learn as much as we can.
 Jennings Hollow Farm is a 300-acre diverse sustainable farm. Chase Campbell, the owner, grows a wide range of crops and raises many animals including pastured chickens, pastured pigs, sheep, and goats. He maintains all of this with the use of two draft horses and two mules. 
He doesn't even own a tractor. 

Our evening included:
scenic walks around the farm...

a visit to several garden plots...

a peek at the 150 inoculated mushroom logs...

a visit with the draft horses, Joel and Ann...

a glance at the chickens, the meat birds and layers...

and the hogs.

Then we enjoyed a lovely picnic dinner.

As the sun was setting,
 we headed inside Chase's beautiful farmhouse 
and enjoyed some music by the Meadowlarks.
It was an inspiring visit 
and well worth the two hour drive to visit this breathtakingly beautiful farm.

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