Friday, May 17, 2013

Local Food This Week- 5/11-5/17

This week at the market we picked up...
  • our CSA basket which contained carrots, onions, spinach, strawberries, swiss chard, lettuce mix, kale, and radishes (from Sunny Point Gardens)
  • 2 lbs. of mild sausage (from Stoneycreek Farm)
  • 1 whole chicken (from Crooked Creek Farms)
  • asparagus (from Peggy Gray)
  • lettuce and tomatoes (from Caneyville Gardens)
  • Meg's black bean cookies and a harvest bag of turnip greens, scallions, spinach, and lettuce (from Festina Lente
Using those local ingredients, along with some we already had in the fridge and freezer and some non-local ingredients, we made the following meals throughout the week...
 {ground beef from Stoneycreek mixed with Hillbilly Grillers barbeque sauce 
and organic pineapple, organic broccoli, and carrots from Sunny Point}

{grilled porkchops from Crooked Creek, organic sweet potatoes, 
and a harvest bag of turnip greens, spinach, and scallions from Festina Lente}

 {tuna fish patties, sliced potatoes from the O'Daniels', strawberries from Sunny Point, salad- lettuce, radishes, and carrots from Sunny Point}
a few notes about this meal: tuna fish patties were a childhood favorite of mine, they have been modified to be Paleo, they are made with coconut flour, sustainable canned tuna, parsley, dijon mustard, lemon juice, and an egg, I forgot the egg in these, that is why they look crumbly, they were, sometimes that happens
{stuffed organic peppers filled with gluten free rice, sausage from Stoneycreek, spinach from Sunny Point, home canned tomatoes from Need More Acres, and garlic, organic broccoli, organic apple slices}

Tuesday's trip to the markets provided us with...

  • potatoes and parsnips from the O'Daniels, 
  • strawberries from Sunny Point
  • zucchini from J & J Produce
  • garlic
The rest of the week...
 {whole roasted chicken from Crooked Creek, mashed parsnips from the O'Daniels', asparagus from Peggy Gray}

{a picnic lunch- salad- lettuce from Caneyville Gardens, shredded chicken from Crooked Creek, carrots and radishes from Sunny Point, pumpkin seeds, cranberries, dressing- maples syrup and olive oil from River Cottage, lemon juice, and onion powder, strawberries from Sunny Point, organic apple slices}

{ham roast from Crooked Creek, mashed potatoes from the O'Daniels, asparagus from Peggy Gray, and strawberries from Sunny Point}

{a snack- dehydrated zucchini chips from J & J Produce, seasoned with salt and pepper, these are still in the dehydrator, but from some preliminary tasting they are really good}

{pork burgers from Crooked Creek, sliced potatoes from the O'Daniels', harvest bag mix of turnip greens, scallions, and spinach from Festina Lente}

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