Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dinosaur World

Today we went to Dinosaur World. Because we have been learning about dinosaurs all week, we thought this would be the perfect end to our week of learning. We had lots of fun!
Seth wanted to know the names of each and every dinosaur. 
He also loved finding them on the map that we were given. 
 Seth didn't want to pose with this monstrous dinosaur like last time.
  When Seth was one, we skipped the boneyard and the fossil dig. 
This time around Seth was a huge fan! Seth kept saying, "I found a fossil!" We even got three fossils to take home with us.

Touring the museum was kind of a blur, since Seth pretty much ran through it.
 He was ready for a snack and some playing!
 Silas hopped on a dinosaur's back and enjoyed playing, too.

We had a great afternoon at Dinosaur World!

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