Thursday, June 21, 2012

Third Thursday Farm Day: River Cottage Farm

Tonight we went to our third Third Thursday Farm Day. River Cottage Farm, which in my opinion is a hidden gem in Warren County, invited everyone to come out for an evening at their farm. I was very excited about this because I go out to River Cottage Farm at least once a week to pick up our milk, eggs, meat, cheeses, maple syrup, etc.
 We own a cow share which means that we own a portion of one of these cows. 
Here are seven of the eight cows that provide our raw milk each week. 
They are only grass-fed and they look happy and healthy.
They all have names and you can get up close and personal with them.
We also got to take a peek at the organic raised beds...
 goats, beehives, and bird houses.
 We saw lots of cats and kittens wandering around and Seth was a huge fan.
The Apple family has a small store next to their house that is open Tuesday-Saturday and it contains all kinds of neat things. Tonight it was pretty crowded with lots of people purchasing things, but we did snap of photo this sign. We couldn't agree more.
While we were finishing up dinner, Debbie Apple showed us how to spin some wool. They have their own flock of lambs and sheep, which they both shear and use for meat.
 Since we have chickens now, we actually buy our organic chicken feed from River Cottage Farm. We got to take a peek at their chickens and at the end of the evening we even got to collect some eggs.
 It was such a fun evening. 
We're so thankful to live in a community where farms like this one exist.

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