Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Celebration 2012

Last Thursday was the first day of Summer. Because we really love celebrating with our friends and their schedules were already full last week, we decided to wait until today to have a Summer celebration. We didn't have any crafts, but we did have lots of fun.
There was chalk which kept Seth busy until our friends arrived 
(later he decided to throw it in the kiddie pool). 
 We had the sprinkler going...
 and the kiddie pool to help us cool off.
 The swing set was a big hit.
 Spencer and Kate cracked me up with their love of the truck.
 It wouldn't be summer without watermelon. So we had watermelon!

 Why are little boys so cute eating watermelon?

Silas even enjoyed some pool time after all the big kids left.
 We had a fun morning celebrating Summer with all our friends!

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